Why You Should Not Wash Towels With Things and Add Vinegar: The Main Mistakes When Washing

It is very important to keep bath towels soft and fresh to avoid skin irritation, including in intimate areas. Improper washing will make them unusable.

Why you should not wash towels with things – common mistakes

Washing towels, in fact, requires a whole lot of skill, especially when they are white or light-colored. At the same time, it is not always clear whether you can wash towels with other things, and if so, with what to wash towels and whether you can wash towels with underwear.

In total, there are three main mistakes in washing towels:

  • Washing with clothes will further contaminate your towels. Often wonder if you can wash towels with your clothes? Such proximity can be detrimental if, for example, it’s clothes you’re walking around in outside or kitchen rags. In the cramped drum of the machine, bacteria can easily transfer to the towels with which you wipe intimate areas of the body. Washing bath towels with your underwear is acceptable.
  • Vinegar will make your towels sandpaper. It has already been discussed above that the purpose of any towel wash is to keep your towels soft, but budget ingredients instead of a complete powder will make them hard, which is why you should not add vinegar when washing your towels.
  • Improper drying will turn towels into unattractive danglers. Not only cleanliness, but the appearance of your items is important in any wash. Many hostesses are in a hurry to hang the towel on the hook right away, but it’s better to wait until the towel is dry, just like your other items. In this case, of course, an electric dryer will help the most. Leave towels in damp and dark places after washing on no account – they will be covered with mold.

In practice, we make even more mistakes, but the main thing is to make the right conclusions.

Tips on how to wash towels properly – washing in the machine and by hand

Even experienced machine users can not always correctly determine how to wash towels, and which mode to choose. Before you start, carefully study the content of the label on the towels. Often a delicate wash is indicated for these types of items.

Stick to these instructions on how to wash towels in the machine:

  • Place the towels in the drum, take care of the detergent and conditioner;
  • set the wash mode (for colored) towels to “cotton”;
  • set the temperature to 30-40 (sometimes 60) degrees and spin speed to 500 (in some cases 800) revolutions. A useful habit: use mesh bags when washing towels, then they will not come into contact with the drum and will not end up nastily pulled out.

Separately, we tell you in what mode to wash terry towels. Since this is a very delicate material, you should be especially careful with its washing. For example, consider that detergent crystals get stuck between the fabrics of the towel (so add it to a minimum), and the mode with many revolutions will turn it into a rag. In such a case, it is recommended to use the mode at the optimum temperature of 30-40 degrees.

Many people are also interested in how to wash towels with their hands. To do this, take a deep basin or use a bathtub. Place the towels in warm water, first softening the water with additional detergent. Leave the towels to soak and add salt (it will make your towels fluffy).

After wringing the towels and replacing the water. The procedure should be repeated one more time for the sake of fixing the result. Then hang the towels out to dry in the fresh air or on a heated dryer.

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