Brilliant Trick: How to Squeeze Lemons Better

Squeeze a lemon properly – that’s what you need for this

You will also need a few tools for our trick, but you should already have all of them in your household. Gather the following materials:

  • You will need a small bowl for the juice, this can be plastic, porcelain, or glass. You will also need a sharp kitchen knife, a grater and a small plate.
  • You should also have some kitchen paper ready and a hard surface on which to cut the lemon.

Squeeze the lemon properly – this is how it works

Once you have all the tools ready, you can start squeezing. The order in which you should do this is explained below:

  1. First, you need to roll the lemon on the pad with your hand. Press the fruit lightly onto the surface, but not so hard that it bursts. Rolling the lemon ensures that the structures inside the lemon are broken up and that the juice can escape more easily later.
  2. After rolling and squeezing the lemon a bit, now add the grater. The peel of the lemon is relatively hard, so you have to soften it a little in the second step. You can do this by grating the peel with the grater. Turn the lemon all the way around and remove some of the peel. This will make it easier to express later.
  3. Now place the lemon on your pad and cut it in half with the knife. For particularly large lemons, you can also cut the fruit into three parts.
  4. Then take the lemon half and squeeze it by hand. Twist the lemon several times in your hand so that all of the juice is squeezed out. If you don’t want the seeds or pulp in the juice, you can use a colander to sift them out.
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Written by John Myers

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