Storing Lemons – The Best Tips and Tricks

If you store your lemons properly, you always have a good source of vitamin C on hand. And not only that, the lemon is one of the fruits that you can use in the kitchen in many ways. Here we tell you the best tips and tricks.

Store lemons for a long time – this is how it works

Lemons are often used in the kitchen, but this is by no means the right place for long-term storage.

  • The optimum temperature for storing lemons is between four and ten degrees. Cool, dry rooms such as the basement are well suited.
  • If you have enough space, you should place the lemons a little further apart. If one fruit goes bad, the mold does not spread to the other lemons as quickly. Alternatively, you can also place paper, such as old newspapers, between the individual fruits.
  • In addition, it is of course important that you check at regular intervals whether the tropical fruits are still in good condition and, if necessary, sort out lemons that have become moldy and lemons with soft spots.
  • You should only store the lemons in the refrigerator for a short time, as they quickly lose their aroma and essential oils there.

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