Caviar Substitute: That’s Behind It

Caviar substitute – a cheap alternative to the original

Only the roe of the sturgeon can call itself caviar. All other roles are called caviar substitutes.

  • The original is quite expensive. Caviar substitutes are a cheap alternative. The small, mostly black fish eggs that you find in Germany mainly as caviar substitutes are the role of the lumpfish.
  • Actually, the sea hare’s roe, which is just two millimeters in size, is pink with a tinge of yellow. It is usually colored black.
  • The role of the Alaskan dog salmon is significantly larger and red. The caviar substitute known as keta caviar is more tender than lumpfish roe.
  • The role of the trout is also offered as a substitute for caviar. The eggs are slightly orange in color. Herring roe is another well-known caviar substitute.
  • The caviar alternatives Lökrom and Sikrom come from Sweden.

Caviar substitute – some varieties are specialties themselves

Some types of caviar substitutes do not actually deserve this designation. They are considered a delicacy in their own right.

  • This includes, for example, the herring caviar. Whitefish roe is also a specialty that is hard to come by. Cod caviar has its own name. This caviar substitute is called tarako.
  • The roe of the flying fish is known as tobiko. It is not only a treat for the palate but also a feast for the eyes. The roe shimmers in all the colors of the rainbow.
  • You can recognize a good caviar substitute by the fact that it is hardly salted. The German lumpfish roe, the most widespread caviar substitute in this country, usually tastes very salty.

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