Serrano Ham Has Mold: You Can Do That

How to remove mold from Serrano ham

If you want to remove mold from a Serrano ham, you need half a liter of water, 250 grams of salt, and a little olive oil.

  • Add the salt to the water and wait until it has completely dissolved.
  • Now take a clean rag and soak it well in the saline solution. Then use it to wash the mold off the ham well.
  • Use another clean and dry cloth to dry the ham well.
  • With a third cloth rub the ham with olive oil.

Tips for buying quality Serrano ham

Serrano ham is a particularly fine type of ham. But even here there are differences in quality.

  • You can also get Serrano ham pre-cut in the refrigerated section of your supermarket. But this ham has little to do with the actual ham.
  • For the full enjoyment of Serrano ham, it is better to go to the local butcher. Ask for the boneless ham here. This is the original type of Serrano ham.
  • The main sign of a good quality ham is the maturing period. This ham can only be called Serrano ham when it has been air-dried for eight months. Excellent hams are dried for a full 18 months, and from a drying time of 12 months, it is already a good ham.
  • The thinner and finer the slices are after cutting, the longer the drying time. This is also how you recognize a good ham.
  • Best to ask for a sample. A good ham has a full-bodied aroma and a firm consistency.
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