Ceramic Hob Broken – You Can Do That

Replace broken ceramic hob

Before working on electrical equipment, be sure to remove or turn off the fuse. If you are not sure which fuses belong to the ceramic hob, switch off the FI switch, which switches off all electricity in the house or apartment. If you are not sure how to handle electricity, it is best to have the ceramic hob replaced by an electrician.

  • If your ceramic hob works alone without an oven, it is connected to a stove connection socket with three phases. Therefore remove all disturbing drawers or the like to get to the can.
  • Open the stove connection box and check again that there is no voltage at the terminals. Danger! A 230 V electric shock can be deadly.
  • Unscrew the terminals of the phase, the neutral conductor, and the protective conductor and pull the lines coming from the ceramic hob without touching the lines.
  • Then loosen all the clamps that hold the ceramic hob to the worktop and carefully lift the ceramic hob out of the worktop. Either give it in for repair or get a new device.
  • Reinstall the repaired or new ceramic hob in reverse order. It is essential to ensure the correct polarity of the protective conductor, neutral conductor, and the phases.
  • Finally, reinsert the fuses and check the functions of the ceramic hob.

Replace a defective ceramic hob in an oven combination

In many cases, the oven and ceramic hob are combined in one appliance. The ceramic hob is connected to the actual oven with special plugs, which in turn are connected to the cooker connection socket.

  • You don’t have to disconnect the cooker from the cooker connection box yourself, but here too you have to remove the fuse or switch off the RCD.
  • To get to the connection cable under the ceramic hob, you either have to lift the worktop or pull the oven part out of the base cabinet.
  • To do this, loosen the fastening screws on the oven that become visible when you open it and carefully pull out the oven. Support him securely from below. The supply line is usually long enough.
  • Now pull out the connection plug of the ceramic hob located on the back of the oven. Usually, there are four lines. Pay attention to the arrangement of the cables to the hobs.
  • Next, you need to loosen the ceramic hob’s retaining clips that hold it to the worktop. To do this, unscrew all clamps.
  • As the last step, carefully lift the ceramic hob out of the worktop and send it in for repairs.
  • Reinstall the repaired or new ceramic hob in reverse order. Pay attention to the correct connection of the power cable to the associated ceramic hob segments.
  • Before you screw everything tight, check the correct function of all ceramic hobs. To do this, turn on the power.
  • However, before you fasten the ceramic hob with the clamps and put the oven back in place, switch off the fuse again. Only at the end does a final function check follow.
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