Self-Sufficient Hob: These Are The Advantages and Disadvantages

Self-sufficient hob: The advantages and disadvantages at a glance

In many kitchens, the hob is combined with a stove. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. A hob without an oven is called a “self-sufficient hob”. This practical alternative in the kitchen offers a lot of advantages but also disadvantages.

  • There are different hobs: induction hobs, gas hobs, and radiant hobs. If these hobs are controlled via a control panel at the top and not via the stove, then they are self-sufficient hobs.
  • The biggest advantage of a self-sufficient hob is that you can install it anywhere in your kitchen. Because these hobs have their own network connection.
  • So you have more flexibility when planning your kitchen. The so-called kitchen islands, for example, are very popular these days. But even in a very small kitchen, if there is no space for an entire cooker, a self-sufficient hob can usually be easily accommodated.
  • You can also combine different hob types with each other. There is a large selection of different types of hobs such as induction hobs or wok gas hobs.
  • With a self-sufficient hob, you can store the utensils that you often need for cooking directly in a base cabinet below the hob. This is practical and saves you a lot of gear when cooking.
  • For families with children, a self-sufficient hob also offers the great advantage that the touch control panel can be locked with a fuse. This not only protects inquisitive children’s hands but e.g. B. also the domestic cat from burns.
  • One downside – if you just opt ​​for a self-contained cooktop and don’t have a stove in the kitchen altogether – is that you’re more creatively limited when cooking. Baking a delicious cake, for example, is then not possible.
  • If you place the oven in a different place in the kitchen than your hob, you will also need to plan for an additional power connection.
  • In terms of costs, the combination of a stove with an integrated hob is usually cheaper than planning and installing them separately.

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