Cleaning The Gas Hob: Tips and Home Remedies

This will make the gas hob clean again

You should clean a gas hob regularly, and not just for hygienic reasons. It just looks better when it’s shiny.

  • Cleaning is definitely easier if you regularly remove even small dirt while it is still fresh. A damp cloth or kitchen towel is usually sufficient.
  • To avoid scratching the stainless steel, only use soft cloths and no scouring agents.
  • If encrustations have already formed, moisten the area a little and rub it off with a dishwasher tab. To be on the safe side, wear gloves to protect your skin from sharp tabs.
  • All fat-soluble cleaning agents are suitable for cleaning, for example, simple washing-up liquid.

Cleaning burners and castings – it’s easy

  • You should exercise some caution when cleaning the burners, otherwise, the gas nozzles will become clogged. Dirt erasers are best suited for these areas.
  • The castings are less sensitive. If necessary, you can also clean them with a brush or steel wool and then put them in the dishwasher.

Old trick: aluminum foil

Gas stoves are often used in gastronomy and contamination is the order of the day. So that you don’t have to scrub every day, there’s a simple and inexpensive trick: cover the free parts with aluminum foil. The film can then simply be thrown away when needed.

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