Cleaning The Ceramic Hob – You Have to Pay Attention to This

What are ceramic hobs?

  • Ceran is the Schott AG brand name for glass ceramic cooktops. You can now find them in many kitchens. An advantage of them is that there are no longer several raised cooking plates, but a single flat surface.
  • Unfortunately, dirt and stains on these fields are much more noticeable than on other herds. You should therefore clean the field regularly, if not after each cooking.
  • Of course, the cleaning tips described here not only work for Ceran, but for all glass ceramic hotplates.

Basic cleaning of ceramic hobs

  • To clean simple stains, all you need is a rag or soft sponge. First, wait until all cooking surfaces under the plate have cooled down.
  • For normal cleaning, it is sufficient to wipe the ceramic hob with a little water.
  • If there are oily streaks on the plate, put a squirt of washing-up liquid on the hob beforehand and then wipe it off carefully.
  • To avoid larger stains, you should remove sauce splashes with a damp cloth while cooking.
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