Changing The Fridge Seal: Instructions For Most Appliances

Instructions for replacing the refrigerator seal

First, get a gasket that fits your fridge.

  • If you are unsure which seal you need, write down the brand and device designation of your refrigerator and seek advice from a specialist retailer.
  • Most seals are just clamped. Some are additionally fastened with small screws or clamps.
  • If necessary, now loosen the screws or clamps.
  • Pull off the old rubber completely.
  • Then clean the edges of the refrigerator door thoroughly.
  • Warm water with washing-up liquid is sufficient for this.
  • If the fridge seal you bought is too long, wait until you have reinserted the rubber before cutting it short.
  • Start in a corner and press the seal back into the gap provided.
  • Depending on the device, now fasten the screws or clamps.
  • Now you can cut off the excess rubber with a cutter knife.
  • Make sure there is no gap so that the door closes really tight.
  • Finally, press the two ends together.

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