Lifespan of a Refrigerator – Information and Tips For Extending It

Refrigerator – that’s how long it lasts

  • A modern refrigerator has an average lifespan of around ten years. However, this depends heavily on quality and maintenance. In general, refrigerators from well-known manufacturers can be used a little longer than others. Depending on the model, a refrigerator can easily become 20 years old.
  • Note: The refrigerator itself breaks less often. In most cases, the economy is no longer up to date and it should be replaced. Because modern refrigerators cool better and have lower power consumption.


Increasing the life of the refrigerator – good tips

  • Clean your fridge regularly. It’s not just about the inside areas, the outside and especially the back should also be as clean and dust-free as possible. If your fridge is free-standing, you will need to dust the back of the ducts every few months if there is no cover.
  • In addition to cleaning, you should defrost your refrigerator regularly. In this way, you reduce the electricity consumption in the freezer compartment and prevent the formation of water. Otherwise, the water in the fridge will stay and can also make your fridge stink.
  • The correct installation location is also crucial. The refrigerator can be used longer if it has to cool and work less often. We, therefore, recommend a location that is as cool as possible. In addition, it should not stand in direct sunlight or be illuminated. Also make sure that it is sufficiently ventilated, both free-standing and built-in.
  • Tip: You also reduce the work of the refrigerator if you change a porous or old refrigerator seal. As a result, it is properly insulated again and the cold stays inside.
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