Clean Water: The 3 Best Methods at a Glance

When you are out and about or traveling, it may be necessary to purify water to make it drinkable. In a few countries, the water quality corresponds to the usual standards of the German population. Which methods are suitable for cleaning, you will learn in this practical tip.

Clean water: simply by boiling it

Simply boiling the water will kill any bacteria or parasites that may be present.

  • In order to effectively purify the water, it must be boiling for at least 15 minutes. After that, all pathogenic germs are killed.
  • If there are solids in the water, let the boiled water sit for a while until the solids settle.
  • Strain the water through a clean cloth. After that, you can drink the water without any risk to your health.

Purify water with special tablets

Also, special tablets can help you purify water.

  • The cleaning tablets kill bacteria present in the water. However, they do not help against visible contamination.
  • For this reason, you should first filter the water through a clean cloth.
  • Then add the cleaning tablet to the water according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Most cleaning tablets work best when the water is not quite cold.
  • Note that it takes about half an hour for the water to be rid of bacteria.
  • In addition, with this type of cleaning, you have to reckon with the fact that your water tastes a little like chlorine.

Use a water filter for cleaning

Jug filters that you know from home are not suitable for cleaning drinking water. Special filters are required for this purpose.

  • In order to purify water with filters and free it from bacteria, the filter should have a pore size of about 0.1 microns.
  • In well-stocked shops for outdoor accessories, you will find special bottles in which these special filters are installed. Here even bacteria get stuck in the filter material.

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