Cocoa Nibs: The Healthier Alternative to Chocolate

Do you know that? If it’s cloudy and cold outside, you’ll have a craving for a sweet comforter. A cup of hot cocoa, chocolate, sweets, or cake is eaten up in no time – and it packs a lot of calories. Try cocoa nibs instead!

Snacking fun made from cocoa beans: Nibs

Just the sight of sweet delicacies such as a naked cake with berries makes the mouth water for those with a sweet tooth. Usually, there is no holding back and before you know it, a large piece is plastered. If you treat yourself to something sweet every now and then and otherwise eat a balanced diet, you certainly don’t have a problem. But we often snack on the side and don’t even notice that we’re constantly overdoing it.

There is a simple trick to satisfy the jieper on sweets without consuming tons of calories: bitter substances. They are found, for example, in dark chocolate with a high cocoa content – ​​and in cocoa nibs. These consist of peeled, crushed cocoa beans and are offered without any other additives such as sugar. Since the taste is tart and yet chocolatey, we eat much less of it than sweet chocolate, but we are still full and satisfied.

Anything but nothing: Nutrients in cocoa nibs

Crunchy like a muesli bar, the cocoa nibs offer us something to bite into: just chewing satisfies sweet cravings. On top of that, the small chocolate nibs are full of good ingredients that have earned them the title of superfood. Cocoa beans are rich in vitamin B12, magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium, copper, manganese, fluoride, and phosphorus and are therefore real mineral bombs. The cocoa pieces are also not without energy as a source of energy: 100 grams provide almost 600 kilocalories. However, since even small amounts satisfy the sweet tooth, this is less important.

Compared to industrially produced sweets, cocoa nibs have another major advantage: they are completely “organic” and contain no additives. During production they are only fermented and dried – as raw food, they retain their high vital substance content.

Snacking, baking, topping: you can do that with cocoa nibs

Cocoa nibs taste pure as a crunchy snack, but can also be used in a variety of ways in the kitchen. They fit as an ingredient in muesli, in homemade granola, and as a topping on yoghurt cream or other desserts. If you like to bake, recipes such as our banana bread can be expanded to include cocoa nibs as an ingredient. Mix the crunchy pieces into the batter or sprinkle them on the finished cake. So it pays to keep a supply of cocoa nibs in the cupboard! If you would like to refine your cake with an intensive nut aroma, our hazelnut cream is the ideal choice.

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