Cut The Cake Correctly: This Trick is Very Quick

Cut the cake correctly: This trick is very quick

With dental floss, you can cut your cake like a skilled pastry chef. However, use only unflavored dental floss for this:

  • Tear off a piece of dental floss. This should be a few centimeters longer than the diameter of the cake.
  • Wrap the ends tightly around your index and middle fingers. Then pull the sides taut between your hands.
  • Then apply the dental floss at an angle to any cake edge.
  • With sawing movements and little pressure, you now guide the dental floss from above to the floor. You may need to use a little more force for the average of the floor.
  • Then, unwind the thread from one hand and hold it down with your thumb. With your other hand, slowly pull the silk out of the cake.
  • Keep doing this until you have cut the entire cake.
  • Now you can carefully lift the pieces onto the plates with a cake server.
  • Extra tip: The dental floss method is also suitable for dividing a cake base. To ensure that the bases are evenly thick, first cut the edge of the cake with a sharp knife about 1 cm deep all around. Then thread the floss into the cut, crossing the ends and pulling them together.

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