Difference Between Coriander And Parsley: Simply Explained

Parsley and coriander – the differences

Flat-leaf parsley and coriander are easy to confuse visually.

  • If you take a closer look, you’ll notice that coriander leaves are slightly darker than parsleys.
  • While parsley refines dishes slightly with its mild taste, coriander is hotter and has a stronger aroma.
  • Parsley has its origins in the Mediterranean region. Coriander comes from Asia. Although both herbs belong to different families, there is still a certain relationship.
  • The parts of the plant that are used are also different. You can use both the roots and the leaves of the parsley for cooking. With cilantro, you can use both the leaves and the seeds for seasoning.
  • Both parsley and coriander are only allowed in moderation during pregnancy. Both affect the uterus and can induce labor.
  • In terms of tolerability, parsley has the edge. Coriander triggers allergic reactions much more frequently, especially in the form of cross-reactions with pollen allergies. This is not the case with parsley.

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