Descale The Jura Coffee Machine – This Is How It Works

Jura coffee machine: Regular descaling

It is usually not necessary to decalcify a Jura coffee machine yourself.

  • The machine will automatically remind you that it’s time to descale the device again.
  • If you are not prompted to descale the machine, you can also start the process manually. Descaling the coffee machine takes around 45 minutes.
  • Attention: some Jura coffee machines have to cool down for 5 hours before descaling. You can find out whether this is the case with your machine in the relevant manual.

Surf Tip: These are the best French Press coffee makers

A French press is much easier to maintain than a fully automatic coffee machine.

  • However, the selection of devices is large, and not all deliver the quality that they promise.
  • In the detailed test report, you can read which device performed best, as well as lots of other information to help you choose your French Press.

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