Difference Between Jura E8 and E80: Important Information for Coffee Drinkers

The differences between the Jura E8 and E80 fully automatic coffee machines seem small. The main difference is in the look and in some functions. Here we show you the differences between the two machines.

Jura E8 and E80: These are the differences

The E8 coffee machines and the E80 model from the Swiss company Jura differ primarily in their external appearance. From a technical point of view, they are identical in construction, but there are a few small but subtle differences.

  • At first glance, the two machines differ primarily in terms of appearance. While the E80 comes completely black, the E8 model shines with a platinum front and is also available in white and black.
  • There are also differences in the number of coffee specialties. While you can produce eleven coffee specialties with the E80, the slightly more expensive E8 fully automatic machine can even produce 15. With the E8 you can also prepare espresso doppio, coffee special, and espresso macchiato. Tea water for green tea is also offered.
  • In contrast to the E8, the Jura E80 has an energy-saving mode. On the other hand, the E80 cannot use two different types of beans at the same time, which the more expensive E8 machine can do.
  • The E8 fully automatic coffee machine has a G2 fine foam nozzle for coffee specialties with milk foam. It should be noted that milk froth and espresso always come out together. The more expensive E8 chrome model can also be used to fine-tune the milk froth. This means that hot, unframed milk can also be obtained.
  • At around 940 euros, the E8 coffee machine (2020 model) is slightly more expensive than the Jura E80 at around 800 euros.
  • Tip: The more functional Jura E8 is about 50 euros cheaper than the 2018 model. The main difference is only the design.

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