Easter 2022: Opening Hours – all Information

At Easter, you should also know the current opening hours this year if you want to go shopping. You can find all the information you need in this practical tip.

Opening hours at Easter 2022 – you should note that

Since the infection protection law will be relaxed on March 20th, there will be hardly any restrictions on retail over the Easter days.

  • Maundy Thursday (April 14): Retailers will offer their goods for sale during normal opening hours. The opening hours can be found on the notices on site or on the company’s website.
  • Good Friday (April 15): Retail stores remain closed, including supermarkets, discounters, and drugstores.
  • Holy Saturday (April 16): Since Holy Saturday is not a public holiday, the shops will also be open on this day during their usual opening hours on Saturday.
  • When supermarkets are open on Holy Saturday depends on the applicable shop opening law of the respective federal state. In some cases, retailers are allowed to adapt to increased customer demands. That means: In some federal states, food retailers could open longer on Holy Saturday.
  • Easter Sunday (April 17): Retail stores remain closed, including supermarkets, discounters, and drugstores.
  • Easter Monday (April 18th): Here, too, the retail trade is closed, including supermarkets, discounters, and drugstores.

Special features due to the Corona situation

Because of the ongoing corona pandemic, Easter 2022 is a special time for shops and retailers.

  • However, the easing that came into force on March 20, 2022, has resulted in a better situation for the retail trade than last year. Among other things, the general obligation to wear masks in retail also falls with this relaxation. However, the federal states can issue their own resolutions that extend the mask requirement.
  • As usual, in 2022 Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Easter Monday are “holidays”.
  • On Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Easter Monday, only shops that have a special permit are allowed to open.
  • These include petrol stations (e.g. with Rewe To-Go branches).
  • Supermarkets and kiosks in train stations or airports could also be open during the Easter holidays.
  • In general, customers are also called upon to use the days before Good Friday to shop in the supermarkets.

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