Eat Kumquats With The Skin on: You Have to Keep This in Mind

How to eat kumquats in their skins

Kumquats are also known as dwarf oranges because they look like small oranges. Inside they have the typical orange color and the flesh looks like that of citrus fruit.

  • Only the skin of the kumquat is softer than that of the orange. That’s why she likes to be eaten.
  • Before eating, wash kumquats thoroughly or use a fruit and vegetable brush to remove dirt.
  • Then roll the fruit between your palms a bit, as this will soften the peel.
  • You can remove any seeds that may be present or eat them as well. You can also use them for seeding and planting new kumquats.
  • You can now put the dwarf orange in your mouth like a plum or apricot, bite off or open it and enjoy it in pieces.

When it comes to kumquats, look for organic quality

So that you can eat the skin of the kumquats without hesitation, you should pay attention to organic quality. The organic seal gives security in the supermarket. But you can also get naturally produced goods at the health food store.

  • Without organic quality, chances are the plant has been treated with unnatural fertilizer. This in turn affects the health of the body.
  • Even if the skin has been treated with harmful substances to keep it looking fresher longer or to make the fruit last longer, eating it is harmful to health.
  • The body can only stay natural, beautiful, and healthy with natural foods. Because he too is a part of nature. So pay attention to the quality.
  • If you are unsure, you can peel the dwarf orange. The pure pulp tastes rather sour, which is why kumquats are so popular because of the combination with their sweet skin.

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