Eggs For Dyeing: How Long Successful Easter Eggs Should Cook

If you want to dye eggs, you need to know how long to cook them. The question is quickly resolved. In this article, we explain everything you need to know about this.

Dye eggs: how long you should cook them

Colored eggs are part of Easter. For these to succeed, you need to know how long they need to be cooked.

  • Eggs that you want to color usually have to be pre-boiled. However, the cooking time depends on your taste. This does not change anything for the dyeing process.
  • The harder the yolk should be, the longer the eggs have to stay in the water.
  • So that the egg yolk does not become too runny, it must be boiled for at least three minutes. Then they are already done. If you like firm egg yolks, stick to a duration of ten minutes.
  • However, do not boil the eggs for more than ten minutes. If the yolk becomes too firm, an unsightly, greenish ring forms around the yolk.
  • If you want to eat healthily, slightly runny egg yolk is better. In this case, most of the nutrients in the egg are preserved. If you boil the egg for ten minutes, you can eat it without any problems, but you have to accept that it contains fewer vitamins.

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