Fresh Fish: What The Statement Really Means

Fresh fish – that’s what the name says

It is not easy for the consumer to chronologically classify the designation “fresh” for fish. The main problem is that there is no statutory time limit.

  • However, fishmongers also have to comply with some legal requirements if they want to offer their goods as fresh fish.
  • Fish may be gutted and cut up, but not processed if they are to be sold as fresh fish.
  • Fish that have been smoked and marinated, for example, can no longer be described as fresh fish.
  • The fishmongers are only allowed to cool their goods so that the fish do not spoil too quickly. Whereby the emphasis is explicitly on cooling. Frozen or even frozen fish may no longer be offered as fresh fish.
  • In summary, it can be stated that the designation of fresh fish is not particularly meaningful for the consumer. Fresh fish may have arrived at the fish stand just a few hours ago from the fishing cutter.
  • However, it is also possible that the fresh fish is already a few days old because it has been chilled on the fishing vessel or at the fishmonger for a long time.

How to recognize fresh fish

Since the term “fresh” isn’t particularly helpful with fish, you have to rely all the more on yourself. And there are quite a few characteristics by which you can recognize fresh fish quite well:

  • A look into the eyes is always helpful, this also applies to fish eyes. Cloudy and sunken eyes are a sure sign of an older fish. In fresh fish, the eyes are clearly convex and shiny.
  • Be careful if the fish’s gills have been cut off. Fresh fish have bright red gills, in contrast to the greyish gills of older fish. Sticky gills are also an indication of old fish.
  • Fresh fish also does not smell, but that is usually not so easy to determine in the fish shop. The animals only exude the typical fishy smell after a few days.
  • For obvious reasons, you can hardly do the pressure test before you buy it. With fresh fish, the flesh springs back immediately when you press on the fish. With old fish, on the other hand, you can still see the dent left by your finger for a long time.

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