Fridge: How to Change The Lamp

Fridge: How to change the lamp

If you want to change your refrigerator light, you must first locate your light. Once you know where this is, follow these steps:

  1. In most cases, your refrigerator’s light is located on the thermostat housing. It is also covered by a plastic cover.
  2. Disconnect your refrigerator from the mains.
  3. First, remove the protective cover on your refrigerator. The protective cover can be screwed on, for example. Use the correct screwdriver to loosen the screws. If you want to know exactly how to remove the cover, it is best to consult your refrigerator’s instructions for use.
  4. Remove the faulty light bulb by carefully twisting it out of the socket. You can wrap the lamp in a kitchen towel, for example, so as not to damage it.
  5. Put in a new lightbulb. It should be the same model and suitable for your refrigerator. If it is an LED lamp, you will probably need to replace the entire housing.
  6. Reinstall the protective cover. Fasten the screws once you have removed them.

Check the lamp: You should pay attention to this

If you have installed a new lamp in your refrigerator, it is important to check that it actually works.

  1. Reconnect your refrigerator to the mains. Open and close your refrigerator door several times. The lamp should glow without flickering.
  2. If your lamp flickers or does not light up, you have either used it incorrectly or have chosen the wrong lamp model.
  3. If your lamp flickers or does not light up, you have either used it incorrectly or selected the wrong lamp model.
  4. There may also be other faults in the refrigerator. Check if you inserted the lamp correctly. Replace the lamp again. If the fault occurs again, have a specialist work on your refrigerator. He can tell you exactly what problems there are with your refrigerator.
  5. You will know whether you need to replace your lamp if your lamp no longer comes on when the refrigerator door is open. Even if the lamp flickers, it could be due to a defective lamp. Note, however, that problems with the lamp can also be traced back to other technical problems.
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