Grilling Side Dishes

No main role shines without corresponding supporting actors. Of course, grilled meat or vegetables are the main protagonists of every barbecue party. But nothing works here without the right side dish! Whether wraps, homemade bread, or small appetizers: We have the right recipes for delicious side dishes!

Bread with it?

We love bread: for breakfast, for dinner, and, of course, as a side dish – including when grilling. A classic that is often served alongside neck steaks and turkey fillets is the baked herb or garlic bread.

Whether pure, for dipping, toppings, or filling: with our bread recipes, the bread side dish becomes a superstar on your grill plate.

Homemade barbecue sauces

Little is certain in the world, but one thing is clear: the right sauces go with fish, meat, or vegetables from the grill. The evergreens on grill plates are barbecue, garlic, or shashlik sauce as well as mustard, ketchup, or mayonnaise.

For everyone who likes homemade food, we have recipe ideas that enhance your grilled food with a tasty sauce.

In appetizers: vegetables for the grill

Vegetables and crickets? It’s not just for vegetarians. Because not only grilled vegetables can be varied and delicious, side dishes and appetizers made of vegetables enrich steaks or turkey escalopes from the grill immensely.

Need a little inspiration? We have some filling foods and treats for your barbecue side dish for you. We wish you a good appetite!

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