Grilling Healthy – The Best Tips

You don’t have to do without healthy food when barbecuing. You can find out which tips will help you with healthy grilling and which foods are particularly suitable in our home article.

Grilling healthy – with these tips it works

Barbecue evenings are as much a part of summer as sun and warm weather, but barbecues are often unhealthy. Find out below which simple tips you can use to easily grill healthy and get rid of bad conscience:

  • Electric: Grilling is healthier when you use an electric grill instead of a charcoal grill. The charcoal produces smoke, which may be carcinogenic. With an electric grill, there is no smoke development, and you can start grilling faster.
  • Aluminum foil: If you still want to continue grilling over a charcoal grill, you should cover the grid with aluminum foil and grill on it. You can also use aluminum trays, which you can easily move around the grill if necessary. In this way, you prevent escaping fat from dripping onto the embers and generating the typical blue smoke, which is poisonous.
  • Meat: You can also pay attention to the healthier aspects of the types of meat. Light meat has significantly less fat in it, so less smoke can develop. In addition, you can digest white meat, such as turkey, better than red meat. If you want to ensure a healthy diet, you should prefer light and lean meat.
  • Alternatively: Instead of meat, you can grill many other foods that are much healthier and also taste good. Try grilling squid or scampis. Vegetable skewers are also very suitable, including mixtures of aubergines, mushrooms, tomatoes, and peppers. Grilled corn also belongs on the grill from time to time because it is easy to prepare and very tasty.
  • Note: When buying any food, make sure not to refine it with animal fats. They are much more difficult to digest and ensure that your normally healthy menu quickly becomes unhealthy. Instead of aioli or butter, you’d be better off using olive oil or canola oil. You should also not use sunflower oil, as it has the same effects as butter.
  • Tips: You can grill pretty much any dish made from fruit or vegetables. They are light and easy to digest, and also very healthy. However, you should always grill vegetables or fruit in an aluminum tray so that they do not lie directly over an open fire. Grilled pineapple coated with honey is delicious, for example. You can also fill and grill your own baguettes. Mushrooms, onions, and garlic are very suitable for filling. For a tasty outside, brush the baguette with fine and healthy oil.

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