Grilling Poultry: The Best Tips and Tricks

Grilling poultry – tips for preparation

  • Cut your poultry into the planned pieces, but you should use a different knife for this than for the other foods. You should also use a solid cutting mat, preferably made of glass or plastic. Finally, oil your poultry so that they don’t dry out so quickly on the grill.
  • Tip: It is best to use rapeseed oil or peanut oil. Olive oil is not suitable because it burns too quickly. Finally, you can season your poultry with a marinade.

Grilling poultry – that’s the best way

  • Heat: It is best to grill your poultry over medium to low heat. In this way, you avoid poultry meat that is burnt on the outside and has not yet been properly cooked in the middle. If you find the heat too intense, wait a few more minutes before putting your poultry on the grill.
  • Important: Poultry meat must be completely cooked through, otherwise it could still contain salmonella or other bacteria. To be on the safe side, slice each piece of poultry before serving and see if it’s still red inside.
  • Grill Pan: To keep your chicken from getting too dry, use a grill pan. For the grilled appearance with the typical stripes from the grill grate, it is sufficient if you briefly grill the meat very close to the charcoal or gas flame. Then you also get a slightly firmer and crunchier outside while the inside is still tender and juicy.
  • Chicken: The classic when it comes to grilled poultry is the whole chicken. It is best to use a chicken seat specially designed for the grill. The chicken works best in a kettle grill or another grill with a lockable lid.
  • Tip: There are many different types of poultry and they all need to be prepared differently. In order for you to achieve the best possible result with every type, you should find out more about the preparation of the selected poultry.

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