Hardy Climbing Fruit – Typical Types Of Fruit And Their Cultivation

House walls are often planted to give them more “beauty”. In addition to some green and flowering climbing plants, there are also edible specimens. Walls heated by the sun are ideal for adding sweetness and flavor to your fruit.

Kiwi and grapes

Kiwi and grapes are the climbing fruit par excellence. They can also be cultivated in our latitudes and simply raised as espalier fruit. On a south-facing house wall, they produce delicious fruit even in rough lengths.

Both hardy kiwi plants and grapes offer us a wide range of varieties. It is not always easy to decide on a variety. Of course, several plants can also be planted in a row, but it is important to ensure that there is sufficient planting distance.

Climbing fruit requires scaffolding

Hardy climbing fruit needs a scaffold to which it is tied or around which it can loop.

  • they do not develop strong shoots
  • and cannot bear their own weight and the weight of the fruit.

Building a climbing frame yourself is not difficult. You will need some wooden slats and wire. You can buy ready-made elements in garden centers.

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