How Many Tangerines Can be Eaten Per Day for Children and Adults – The Answer of a Nutritionist

Tangerines are indispensable during the season of colds and viruses, and children are also very fond of them. The expert spoke about the benefits and harms of this fruit. Tangerine is one of the main attributes of the New Year, and children love this fruit. Nutritionist Victoria Govorukha explained the benefits of tangerines and how often children can eat them.

According to the expert, children should eat no more than two tangerines a day, as they contain a large amount of vitamin C and are considered one of the biggest allergens. In addition, tangerines contain a lot of acids, to which a child’s body can react differently, Govorukha wrote on Instagram.

By the way, adults shouldn’t overeat tangerines either. No more than 4-6 pieces per day are recommended.

The fruit is recommended to be consumed before or half an hour after the main meal.

“If you had heavy, fatty meals for lunch (breakfast or dinner), then eating a tangerine will help your stomach digest what you’ve eaten faster. But tangerines should not be eaten on an empty stomach – again, because of the high concentration of acids in them. Otherwise, the delicacy can provoke heartburn or flatulence,” the nutritionist said.

Tangerines – benefits

Tangerines, like other citrus fruits, are rich sources of vitamin C. That is why these fruits are indispensable during the season of colds and viral diseases because ascorbic acid promotes the production of special substances in the body that strengthen the body’s defenses.

Tangerines also contain vitamin D. It is from their lack that our body can suffer in winter due to lack of sunlight, which primarily manifests itself in the form of deterioration in mood, negative skin manifestations, etc.

In addition, tangerines are rich in vitamins K, B1, and B2, as well as special essential oils, which together have a positive effect on the elasticity of blood vessels. Therefore, a portion of this fruit helps prevent cardiovascular disease.

Tangerines – harm

Before eating tangerines, be sure to wash them, as there are many dangers in the peel. The fact is that carriers cover green fruits with ethylene, which is a toxic substance that accumulates in the liver.

Such tangerines are sticky to the touch. When peeling the fruit, all harmful substances get on your hands and then on the flesh. Do not peel tangerines with your teeth.

Tangerines with green spots indicate that the fruit is diseased. An unnatural waxy sheen on the peel means that the tangerines have been treated with fungicides.

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