How to Grow Parsley and Dill in the Apartment: 4 Simple Steps

How to grow dill and parsley at home – equipment

Before you choose the seeds of greens, get the necessary equipment and buy:

  • A pot 15-20 cm deep with holes at the bottom;
  • Garden soil for indoor plants;
  • seeds;
  • a sprayer for water;
  • fluorescent lights.
  • Once you have everything on the list above, proceed to select seeds.

How to grow dill on a windowsill

It is worth bearing in mind that dill is an annual plant, so you will have to be patient. It will take about 5-8 weeks to grow dill from seeds.

Advantages: you can plant dill in the apartment at any time of the year. From October to March you will need to provide additional light, but from March to August – no, and it is much easier to take care of the plant.

What variety of dill is better to grow at home:

  • “Gribovsky” or “Grenadier” – fast, but not rich (4-6 leaves) harvest of umbrellas or greens for canning;
  • “Richelieu”, “Umbrella”, and “Kibray” – medium-ripening variety, yielding 6-10 leaves;
  • “Alligator”, “Russian Giant”, and “Bujan” – varieties that ripen late, but give the richest yield – more than 10 leaves.

Next, the process of growing dill at home follows the following algorithm.

Prepare the seeds

Soak them in water for 24-48 hours, changing the water every 12 hours. Those seeds that remain on the surface, taken out and thrown away – are not suitable for planting. Take out the rest of the seeds with a sieve or spill them through gauze, then dry them.

Prepare the potting soil

Fill the pot with 2 to 3 cm of clay pebbles. You can use potting soil or a mixture of potting soil and garden soil. If you do not have garden soil, mix it with bio humus in a 1:4 ratio. The soil should be loose so that you end up with the desired result.

Sow the seeds

Spray the soil liberally with water from a sprayer, make holes in it, and plant the seeds in them. Then lightly bury the soil and moisten it again.

IMPORTANT: the seed grooves should not be deeper than 1.5 cm and should not be too heavily covered with soil.

Cover the pot with cling film or a plastic bag, and put it in a dark place for a week. The temperature should be no higher than 18-20°C. As soon as the first sprouts appear, pull out the extra sprouts so that there is a distance of 3 cm between the remaining ones. Put the pot on a window sill.

Put the lights on

If you grow dill from March to August, he does not need additional light. From October to March, it does, so:

  • install a fluorescent lamp at a height of 50 cm above the dill;
  • Light the plant for at least 6 hours a day, especially on cloudy days;
  • In winter the dill needs 12 hours of light.

Now all you have to do is wait for the harvest in 30-40 days. You can plant the seeds every three weeks.

How to grow parsley on a windowsill with seeds

Most often experienced gardeners choose early-ripening varieties to get a harvest in 10-14 days.

What variety of parsley is better to grow at home:

  • “Moskrause” and “Astra” – curly parsley;
  • “Italian Giant,” “Laika,” “Pione,” and “Plain” – flat parsley.

Once you have decided on your desired variety of parsley, begin the growing process.

Take damp gauze, wrap it around the seeds, and leave them in a warm place for 2-3 days to allow them to sprout. Then squeeze out the gauze and dry the seeds.

Prepare the soil and sow the parsley seeds in the same way as with dill. Then put the pot in a place where the temperature is between +18-20°C for 14-20 days. It is not necessary to cover the parsley with cling film, and water every other day.

IMPORTANT: water must be boiled or settled.

When the first sprouts appear, you need, as with dill, to pull out the excess sprouts. At this stage, parsley should grow at a temperature of +15-28°C, at night +10-12°C is acceptable.

Fertilizing parsley and illuminating it with fluorescent lights is done similarly to dill. Mature parsley is said to grow to 10-15 cm. The first harvest can be harvested in 2 months after sprouts, but do not cut off under the root, but leave the roots at 5 cm.

How to grow parsley on the windowsill as root crops

The advantage of this method is that you do not have to wait 2 weeks until the first sprouts appear. Take a container 15-20 cm deep and replant the parsley so that only the “heads” are visible. Water it with standing water and keep it in a cool place for the first few days. Then you can move it to a window sill.

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