How to Relieve Fatigue From the Legs: Home Recipes for Relaxing Baths

Uncomfortable shoes and heavy physical activity affect our feet. Calluses, coarsening, fungus, and unpleasant odor plague our feet, and our feet are sore and tired. Home baths can help keep your feet clean, soft, and well-groomed. It is useful not only for health but also for beauty because such solutions make the feet smooth and clean, ready for a pedicure.

We are happy to share recipes for baths at home so that your feet will never suffer again. You can use different remedies for different purposes. In any bath, you can additionally add fragrant essential oil for a pleasant smell.

Foot bath with baking soda: from fungus, sweat cracked feet

Soda – a cheap and available in any household substance. Soda baths relieve fatigue from the feet, help clean the skin before a pedicure, heal cracks, and remove the smell of sweat.

For a bath, you will need warm water at a comfortable temperature for your feet. Prepare a baking soda solution: 1 tbsp. of baking soda to 2l. of water. Soak feet in water for 15 minutes, clean with a pumice stone, and rinse with clean water. Wash your feet and foot with a pumice stone before going to bed.

Footbath with sea salt: for relief from fatigue and bad smells

A salt bath not only relieves stress, fatigue, and unpleasant odors but also improves blood circulation in the feet. To prepare a bath it is better to use sea salt, but in the extreme case, you can do it with ordinary table salt.

Take 2 tablespoons of salt per 4 liters of water. The water should be warm. Wash your feet with soap and water before the procedure. Dip your feet into the solution and stay in the water for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water. You can do a salt bath twice a week.

Foot Bath with Hydrogen Peroxide: For chapped or rough skin

Hydrogen peroxide is the best remedy for cracks, rough skin, and pain in the feet. Such a remedy is excellent for softening the feet. The rougher the skin, the more peroxide you will need.

If your skin is in a bad shape, it will help to steam your feet. Dissolve four tablespoons of peroxide in two liters of water. Soak your feet in water for 5 minutes. Use a pumice stone and moisturize your feet with any moisturizer.

You can also use peroxide to make a foot-rubbing solution. Combine warm water and peroxide in a 6:1 ratio. Soak absorbent cotton in the solution and wipe your feet and toes.

Chamomile foot bath: for fatigue

Dried chamomile relieves fatigue and the feeling of tension from the legs, and helps to fight sweat. It is good to do such a bath at night after a hard day.

The recipe for the solution is simple: 2 tbsp. of chamomile in 2 liters of warm water. Allow the mixture to infuse for 5 minutes. Keep your feet in the water for 20 minutes, then rinse and put on clean socks.

Soap bath for feet: for calluses and corns

Such a bath will help remove ingrown calluses and corns from uncomfortable shoes. One procedure does not remove corn, so it is worth repeating it 3 times a week.

To prepare the solution, grind unnecessary soap (you can use laundry soap). Take 2 tbsp. soap and 5 tsp. baking soda per 2 liters of water. Immerse your feet in water for 30 minutes and relax. After the procedure, wipe your feet with a soft towel and immediately put on socks.

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