Ice Cream: This is How it Becomes Perfect

Prerequisites for perfect whipped cream

Beaten egg whites are nothing more than lightly beaten egg whites. In order for the proteins in the egg white to be able to enclose and hold the small air bubbles, a few conditions must be met.

  • If the egg white comes into contact with fat, the whipped cream will not stiffen. A tiny drop of fat is enough for the snow to fail.
  • For this reason, metal bowls are better for whipping egg whites than plastic bowls. The latter is not so easy to get grease-free when cleaning.
  • Important note: The whisk or the hand mixer must also be absolutely fat-free.
  • Equally important is that you separate the egg white from the yolk cleanly. Even small remnants of egg yolk prevent the egg white from becoming stiff.
  • If you use eggs that are at room temperature, it will be easier to whip up the beaten egg whites than with cold eggs that you take fresh from the fridge.
  • Add a pinch of salt to the egg whites before beating. Then the beaten egg whites can be beaten more easily.

This is how the perfect whipped cream succeeds

Once you have separated the yolk from the egg white, you can start beating the egg whites.

  • As already mentioned in the upper part of the article, first add a pinch of salt to the beaten egg whites.
  • You can also whip egg whites by hand with a whisk, but this requires a certain level of fitness.
  • It is best to beat the egg whites with large, quick, circular movements. Tip: Beating with the whisk is easier if you hold the bowl at an angle with one hand.
  • It’s much easier with a hand mixer. Use the whisk attachment here. Set the device to the highest level.
  • As soon as the egg white mass is so firm that peaks form and these no longer collapse, you can check in various ways whether the consistency is right.
  • If the whipped cream is really set, you should be able to hold the keys upside down across your countertop or floor with no problem. Nothing should fall out of the bowl.
  • But there is also the knife test. Take a knife and cut down the center of the snow once. If the cut remains visible when you pull out the knife, the beaten egg white has turned out perfectly.

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