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The watermelon – is a healthy refreshment

  • Whether the fruit, which comes from Africa, is healthy, we can answer with a clear yes. The watermelon consists of up to 95% water and therefore has extremely low sugar content. There are hardly any calories either.
  • It also provides a wide range of important nutrients. Among them are vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, iron, sodium, and magnesium.
  • This combination benefits your immune system. It has a preventive effect against all diseases, including asthma, arteriosclerosis, and cancer.
  • In the summer, the watermelon also fulfills a pleasant collateral benefit. It not only tastes delicious but also serves as sunscreen to a certain degree. The skin cells are protected from rapid damage. However, you should not do without sunscreen.
  • The exact nutritional values ​​per 100g: 38 kilocalories; 0.2 grams of fat; 8.3 grams of carbohydrates; 0.6 g of protein; 2.2 grams of dietary fiber; 0.4 g of minerals.
  • The related honey and future melons are also rich in healthy ingredients. If you alternate between these fruits every now and then, you cover a much wider range of nutrients. For example, honeydew melon offers a lot of beta-carotene and potassium.
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