Juice Fasting: Effects and Side Effects of The Cure

(Healing) fasting – a long tradition and still modern

Fasting is nothing new to humans: almost every culture and religion has some form of fasting. Be it Ramadan in Islam, the Passiontide period before Easter in Christianity, or Yom Kippur in Judaism. In addition to centuries-old traditions, there are now many modern forms of fasting:

  • Be it base, detox, or interval fasting: all types of therapeutic fasting have different rules and periods.
  • A particularly popular form is the juice fast because you don’t have to give up calories completely.

The juice fast – effect on body, mind, and soul

While fasting is usually associated with weight loss, that should never be the primary reason. Because there is more to it than that: the cleansing of the body, mind, and soul. These are the positive effects:

  • The purification process breaks down dead cells and stimulates the formation of new cells.
  • The metabolism is stimulated and all excretory organs work the intestines, liver, kidneys, lungs, and also the skin.
  • Fasting acts like a reboot: the body is restarted. And thank you promptly.
  • In addition, consciously not eating sharpens the senses and enables a new perspective on your habits.

However, juice fasting also has side effects – you should be aware of this

First of all, you should find out exactly whether a fasting cure is an option for you. You can ask your family doctor about this. Like any fasting diet, juice fasting has its side effects.

  • These include dizziness and headaches – mostly in the first three days.
  • Unlike many stricter regimens, these are usually not too bad when it comes to juice fasting. Nevertheless, you should see a doctor in good time if you feel the symptoms are too bad.
  • After three days, the feeling of hunger usually stops quite naturally. The body gets used to the missing calories and reacts with endorphins, among other things. If this is different for you and the dizziness and headache do not go away, you can and should better stop fasting.
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