Losing Weight With Globules: Does It Really Work?

Lose weight with globules? That sounds too good to be true. dr Markus Wiesenauer, homeopathy expert and general practitioner, explains how this works and which globules are best suited for this.

Sounds strange, but it works: losing weight can be made easier with globules. The first successes are already visible after one to two weeks. “The small balls, the globules, stimulate the body to set certain slimming processes in motion,” explains homeopath Dr. Markus Wiesenauer.

They regulate the feeling of satiety, activate the metabolism, and promote fat burning. But: “Successful homeopathic use also includes a healthy diet, plenty of exercise, and not stimulants such as chocolate or alcohol,” says Dr. Wiesenauer.

Lose weight with globules: Concentrate on the main construction site

There is no point in taking as many different globules as possible at once to lose weight faster. If you want to lose weight permanently, you should concentrate on your “main construction site” and tackle it.

The best globules for losing weight for the following complaints:

  • Lose weight with homeopathy for a pot belly
  • Lycopodium (clubmoss) helps those who suffer from a spherical (bloating) stomach. It regulates digestion and stimulates fat metabolism.

Dose: Take 5 granules of Lycopodium D12 twice a day.

Slim in menopause with globules to lose weight

Many women gain significant weight during menopause. The remedy Sepia (squid) can make it easier to lose weight.

Dose: 5 globules Sepia D12 3 times a day.

Lose weight with globules when you are hungry for sweets

Do you often reach for ice cream or chocolate in stressful situations? Then the homeopathic remedy Argentum nitricum (silver nitrate) helps. It has a balancing effect, curbs the feeling of cravings – and in this way regulates calorie intake.

Dose: 5 globules Argentum nitricum D12 3 times a day.

Fire for the metabolism

If a sluggish metabolism is to blame for the extra pounds, it’s worth trying bladderwrack. The remedy Fucus vesiculosus helps to stimulate the metabolism has an appetite-suppressing effect and has a balancing effect on the psyche. But be careful: do not use it if you have an overactive thyroid gland!

Dose: 5 granules of Fucus vesiculosus D6, 3 times a day.

Natural eating brake through globules to lose weight

Madar has proven itself to eliminate strong feelings of hunger. The root bark of the Asian shrub Calotropis gigantea regulates the satiety and hunger center in the diencephalon and leads to a reduction in appetite. Used half an hour before a meal, the remedy can help curb appetite.

Dose: 1 tablet Madar D4 3 times a day.

Gentle hormone boost for the thyroid

The thyroid not only determines your well-being – but often also your figure. In the case of hypofunction, the metabolism is significantly slowed down – those affected often struggle with being overweight. The gentle boost comes from homeopathy: the remedy Thyreoidinum stimulates the thyroid gland to produce more hormones – and thus gets the sluggish metabolism going again.

Dose: 5 globules Thyroidinum D4 3 times a day.

Help against overeating

Chocolate or fries to relieve grief and worry – eating out of frustration is widespread. Those affected often look swollen and have water retention. The remedy Calcium Carbonicum helps against so-called emotional eating. It brings body and soul back into balance. Over time, when you have negative feelings, the urge to eat goes away.

Dose: 5 globules Calcium Carbonicum D12 3 times a day.

Heat weight stagnation in diet with homeopathic pepper

The pounds melted off in the first few days and weeks, but suddenly it couldn’t go any further. When the diet stagnates, Capsicum (Capsicum) can rev up the metabolism and fuel fat burning. Capsicum also stimulates the formation of endogenous happiness hormones. This puts you in a good mood when you lose weight.

Dose: 5 globules Capsicum D4 3 times a day.

Anyone who has often been on a diet knows that nothing works by itself. Homeopathy is not a magic box, but it can provide gentle support when losing weight if the right remedy is chosen. Losing weight with globules can be an alternative to adventurous diets.

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