Losing Weight With Sport: What Should You Consider?

It’s no secret that the fastest way to lose weight is through exercise. But which form of sport is the best to lose weight and what should you pay attention to? We’ll tell you!

Losing weight through exercise – why does it work so well?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just two or 20 kilograms away from your dream figure: the quickest way to lose weight is through sport – it’s also more sustainable. Because especially after short, radical diets, the yo-yo effect often occurs. On the other hand, if you exercise regularly, you will lose weight in the long term by increasing your basal metabolic rate, i.e. increasing your calorie consumption.

However, losing weight with exercise but without a plan to change your diet is difficult, especially if you just keep snacking and eating fast food and other high-fat foods.

Losing weight with exercise and a healthy diet – what exactly needs to be done?

The ideal case is a long-term change in diet combined with regular exercise. This saves calories when eating and also burns some more through exercise. This is how you can get the best results. When there is a calorie deficit, the body has to draw on its energy reserves. This includes the fat you want to get rid of. But also the protein, which is important for building muscles.

It is therefore important to lose weight in combination with sport – preferably with a mixture of endurance and strength training. If you train your muscles regularly, you show your body that they are needed. In the case of a calorie deficit, for example, he does not use the building blocks for the muscles, but the fat deposits.

Important: Untrained people and people with previous illnesses should not simply start a strict sports program, but seek advice from their doctor in advance.

Lose weight with sport – how fast is it?

Regular exercise is crucial when it comes to losing weight. How long it takes for the pounds to tumble depends particularly on how often you exercise to lose weight. If you don’t have time for training: Losing weight with the sport also works at home, for example with a home workout.

If you want to achieve faster results, you should plan two to three sports units a week (45 to 60 minutes). There are sports with which you can lose weight faster than with others. Depending on the training intensity, the first successes can be seen after just one week. The most effective forms of exercise for weight loss include:

  • Running/jogging: the classic among endurance sports. With a little practice, you can lose up to 500 calories per hour. For this purpose, the buttocks and leg muscles are trained.
  • Walking/Nordic Walking: the joint-gentle alternative. Walking also burns a lot of calories. Those who choose the variant with sticks not only train the leg muscles but also the torso and arms.
  • Swimming: Those who love water should focus on swimming when trying to lose weight with the sport. It is easy on the joints and burns 300 to 450 calories per hour depending on the swimming style. In addition, muscles in the legs, arms, stomach, and shoulders are trained.
  • Cycling: Even normal bike tours through varied terrain with slight inclines burn around 400 calories per hour. Normal cycling is well suited for losing weight with sport but trains the muscles overall too little, so strength training should be done at the same time.

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