Make Protein Bread Yourself: Low-carb, But More Protein

You can find them more and more often on the supermarket shelves: breads with a high protein content. Try making this kind of bread yourself! You don’t need a lot of ingredients or a lot of baking experience to make a simple protein bread.

Bake delicious protein bread yourself

A high-protein diet can have benefits. Amino acids, which make up protein, are vital building blocks for the body without which it cannot function. Carbohydrates, especially those with no nutritional value such as sugar, can often be reduced without any problems. So it makes sense to market a staple food like bread with more protein and less grain. A number of manufacturers have now recognized this and have corresponding products on offer. The bread substitute consists of around 25 percent protein, which mainly comes from legumes and wheat. Another 5 to 7 percent are carbohydrates and 10 to 13 percent are fat. Seeds such as sunflower seeds and linseed are responsible for the high fat content. Because of them, protein bread usually contains more calories than conventional bread: one reason why it does not automatically lead to weight loss. Protein-rich baked goods can still enrich the menu, especially if you bake your protein bread yourself.

Bake protein bread yourself and know what’s in it

When you make your protein bread yourself, you’re in complete control of what’s inside. A big advantage, because the list of ingredients in industrial products often includes 20 or more ingredients, including synthetic additives. They are designed to hold the dough together and give the finished product a bread-like consistency, which isn’t as easy to do without the proven baking properties of grains. But it works! Our recipe for a quark-based low-carb bread uses just over half the ingredients. If you bake protein bread with quark yourself, it will be nice and moist. Flea seed shells and ground flaxseed are added as completely natural swelling and adhesive agents, carrots, ground hazelnuts, sesame and pumpkin seeds are other ingredients with high nutritional value. You can also use protein-rich pseudocereals for baking and try our quinoa bread. It tastes more like the traditional breads. This also applies if you bake protein bread with oatmeal yourself.

From chickpea to cloud bread

If you want to make your own protein bread without carbohydrates, you can bake with eggs and neutral protein powder in addition to quark. Flours made from legumes such as chickpea flour can also be used. The missing gluten in such recipes should be noted: the gluten in wheat or spelled flour ensures that the dough is nice and homogeneous and the bread does not crumble. “Oopsies” are relatively sure to succeed and almost completely without carbohydrates. The pastries, also known as cloud rolls, are small, flat-shaped protein breads that consist only of quark, eggs and baking powder. Whether with or without egg, there are numerous recipes for baking protein bread yourself. Experiment yourself until you have found the ideal pastry!

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