Make Punch Yourself – Delicious Tips

Find out in our home article how to make delicious punch yourself with simple tips. You can spoil yourself and your guests with a personal touch.

Make your punch: the classic – that’s how it works

The classic punch is still very popular today, mainly because it is easy to make. We take it as a starting point in our home article and give you tasty tips for refinement. But before that, we will explain how you can make your punch:

  • Ingredients: You need 250 milliliters of rum, 2 liters of red wine, 1 stick of cinnamon, and 1 vanilla bean. Also 2 lemons, 250g sugar, and for the Christmas flavor 2 oranges and 3 cloves.
  • Preparation: Heat the red wine with the lemons and oranges in a saucepan. Also heat the spices such as cinnamon, vanilla, and cloves in the pot right from the start. However, the mixture must not boil, turn the temperature down just before. Finally, add the rum and sugar and mix the ingredients slowly.
  • Tip: Use sweet red wine for a better taste. In the end, you can sift the ingredients out of the punch using a fine sieve.

Delicious variants for your punch

Now that you’ve made the classic punch, you can choose from many different variations to refine it. We present the most popular:

  • Orange: With a little orange liqueur you refine the already existing taste of the oranges even more. Add some of the liqueur in several steps and taste again and again, so you get a punch to your taste.
  • Apples: When heating, add a few apples and add them to the punch. You get a particularly fruity taste. You can also cut small apple slices and put them in the cups when pouring.
  • Chili: You get a particularly hot addition with chilies. Due to their sharpness, they provide additional heat to the body. You get the right amount of chili by trying again and again and tasting the amount. You should start with sliced chili pepper, which is added to the other spices at the beginning.
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