Make Your Own Children’s Punch – That’s How it Works

You don’t have to buy children’s punch, you can easily make it yourself. All you need are ingredients that you can find in any supermarket. Within 15 minutes you have prepared a great children’s punch.

This is how you make your own children’s punch

For a children’s punch, you need a liter of tea. Fruit or forest berry tea, for example, is suitable for this. You will also need half a liter of apple juice, 16 cloves, two sticks of cinnamon, the juice of two lemons, the juice of one orange, two packets of orange flavoring, and sugar.

  • First, brew the tea and let the packets steep for about eight minutes.
  • Then add the tea, apple juice, lemon and orange juice, cloves, cinnamon, orange flavoring, and sugar to taste to a large saucepan and heat the liquid.
  • Instead of the orange flavor, you can add the orange peel of an organic orange.
  • Make sure the mass does not boil.
  • Let the liquid steep for about ten minutes. Scoop out the spices with a spoon.
  • Pour the punch into glasses.

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Written by John Myers

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