Medicinal Water: Is It Better Than Regular Mineral Water?

Healing water sounds like a promise of salvation: but does the drink live up to this claim? We clarify what the term actually means, what is in the swelling liquid and whether there are any side effects.

Natural fountain of health: medicinal water

Healing water is pure nature: Because the mineral-rich water is bottled directly from the source and contains no artificial additives. Only carbonic acid may be added to the still medicinal water and iron removed. As in mineral water, minerals and trace elements such as magnesium, calcium, hydrogen carbonate, fluoride, sulfate, and lithium are also found in medicinal water. These get into the clear liquid as the water travels through the deep layers of rock in the ground. The decisive difference to other waters is that healing water must have a proven medical effect. This is required by law: medicinal water actually needs official approval as a medicinal product. However, it is still freely available and not only available in pharmacies. You can find out how it differs from spring water โ€“ and other interesting facts โ€“ in our water knowledge.

Healing water is so healthy: effect

Many people have had good experiences with medicinal water โ€“ and that is no coincidence. Because the proven effects include the metabolism and organ stimulating effect, which naturopathy has been taking advantage of for thousands of years. Healing water can be good for the kidneys, varieties rich in calcium can prevent or alleviate osteoporosis, and healing water with a lot of magnesium can fight muscle cramps. Are you expecting a child and often suffer from burping? Try medicinal water with hydrogen carbonate during pregnancy, it works against heartburn. There are many other uses that are listed on the bottle label.

Watch out for side effects and side effects

As is the case with medicines, side effects are possible, especially with long-term consumption of medicinal water. Healing water rich in sulphate, for example, can have a laxative effect, while other varieties can impair the absorption of medication. A dosage recommendation is therefore given on the labels, and side effects and interactions are also indicated. If you are planning a longer drinking cure with medicinal water and suffer from previous illnesses, you should consult your family doctor in advance. Drinking medicinal water can make sense and can be good for your health: but make sure you inform yourself carefully beforehand.

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