Milk Substitutes For Coffee: These Are The Best Alternatives

Rice milk as a milk substitute for coffee

Even if you eat vegan, you don’t have to do without milk or coffee.

  • When drunk straight, rice milk clearly tastes like rice. Surprisingly, you no longer notice the taste of rice in the coffee at all.
  • However, rice milk is not good for foaming due to its low protein content of 0.2 percent. Therefore, it is less suitable for a cappuccino. Rice milk also contains only very small amounts of nutrients and vitamins.
  • On the other hand, rice milk has plenty of carbohydrates with a good 10 percent.

Rice-almond-milk brings a special aroma to the coffee

  • Frothed almond milk is particularly creamy. However, the subtle almond note is accompanied by a slightly sour taste, which is even more pronounced in the cappuccino.
  • Mix rice and almond milk and you have a delicious milk substitute: the natural sweetness of rice milk paired with the fine, nutty taste of almond milk is particularly good in coffee.
  • Thanks to the almond milk, you don’t have to do without the foam either.

Spelled milk for the coffee

  • If a lot of froth on the coffee is important to you, you can use spelled milk as a milk substitute. Therefore, the spelled milk is very suitable for latte macchiato.
  • Grain milk is very similar to cow’s milk in appearance. Spelled milk also has more inherent sweetness than other milk substitutes.
  • Spelled milk gives a cappuccino its very own taste: the coffee gets a caramel and cereal note.
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Written by John Myers

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