Most Expensive Water in The World: Mineral Water at Moon Prices

What is so special about luxury water?

Mineral water, which often costs several euros per bottle, is often no more than rainwater. However, perfect marketing turns it into so-called “luxury water”.

  • In addition, water is considered one of the most natural foods of all and, as researchers have found, promotes a healthy, intelligent lifestyle.
  • And people like to adorn themselves with this reputation, especially if they can afford it. Because many of these water brands also show off with elegant packagings, such as a glass bottle decorated with Swarovski stones.
  • Sophisticated marketing has turned water from an everyday commodity into a prestige object.

Fillico Roi

Fillico Roi is probably the most acclaimed luxury water on the market today: not only are the bottles exquisite, but so is the spring water from Mount Rokko.

  • A bottle of Fillico Roi costs around €200. This is mainly due to the fact that only 5000 bottles are sold per month.
  • In addition, the water is bottled at the foot of Mount Rokko in handmade bottles made of sandblasted glass set with Swarovski stones.

Bling H²O

Bling H²O is luxury water from the USA. From the product’s website alone, you can tell that marketing should be the be-all and end-all of any luxury water.

  • This product also comes in elegant packaging: Swarovski crystals adorn the Tennessee water “Bling H²O”, which is filtered nine times.
  • You can purchase a 0.75-liter bottle for €45.

10 thousand BC

If you prefer your water to be mature like your wine, you can use 10 Thousand BC, the luxury water from Canada.

  • The particularly old water from Canada is said to consist of melted glacial ice from the Ice Age. Since it has not come into contact with the ground, it is said to be particularly pure.
  • In addition, this purity should ensure that you feel fit again more quickly. Of course, this mature quality also has its price: you pay €16.90 for a 0.75-liter bottle.
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Written by John Myers

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