Parsley Root – Versatile Culinary Herb

The winter root vegetable is similar to parsnips. The parsley root is white and cone-shaped. They come in different lengths and thicknesses. When it comes to parsley roots, a main distinction is made between the semi-long parsley root, which grows up to 12 cm long, and the long parsley root, which grows up to 22 cm long. It is not the root of conventional parsley, but an independent subspecies and an integral part of soup greens.


Originally from the south-eastern Mediterranean region, the parsley root still grows wild in areas from Spain to Greece. Today it is grown worldwide, with us mostly for the food industry.


Parsley root is available all year round as it is grown both outdoors and under glass. Their peak seasons are the fall and winter months.


The parsley root has a strong, spicy parsley flavor that is more intense than that of leaf parsley.


The roots should be peeled thinly before preparation. They give soups a great aroma, but are also great on their own or processed into a puree together with potatoes. Fried or briefly steamed, they make a delicious vegetable side dish and grated raw, they refine salads. They are also a great ingredient for stews. Discover our parsley root recipes!


A cool basement or refrigerator crisper is ideal for storing parsley roots. There it stays fresh for up to two weeks. Coarsely chopped and briefly blanched, it is also suitable for freezing.

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