Prepare Chestnuts – It’s That Easy!

Chestnuts: Many appreciate them roasted as a snack at the Christmas market. And rightly so, in contrast to the lard, they are actually really healthy and contain significantly more fiber and vitamins. You can easily prepare the popular chestnuts yourself at home.

Roasted in the oven

In order to get the chestnuts as tasty as on the market, you should prepare them by roasting them in the oven.

  • Cut a cross into the chestnuts with a sharp knife
  • prevents cracking
  • at 175 °C for about 20 minutes in the oven
  • Add a glass of water to keep the chestnuts from drying out

Tip: You can recognize roasted chestnuts by the fact that the skin bulges upwards around the cross.

Prepare the chestnuts in the pan

With this variant, too, it is a good idea to cut the chestnuts beforehand. Since they naturally contain enough fat, there is no need to add extra oil to the pan. Simply toss them back and forth over moderate heat until they have risen at the interfaces. And then? Don’t forget to peel!

Raw? Yes, of course!

Chestnuts are also edible when raw. They then contain even more minerals than fried or roasted. However, peeling is always important—even if you’re eating them raw. This can be a bit tedious. Here, too, first cut the shell in a star shape and then pull it off.

Tip: The skin comes off more easily if you soak the chestnuts for a few hours before cooking or expose them to steam for a few minutes.

Well cooked

Cooking is a prerequisite here, especially if you want to prepare the chestnuts into puree or dumplings. To do this, you should peel them thoroughly beforehand and put them in salted, already boiling water. After 30 minutes of cooking, they are done and can be removed from the water.

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