Scientists Have Found a New Way to Lose Weight

In particular, the team of scientists carefully searched for signaling molecules that are responsible for suppressing allergic reactions and controlling the body’s response to insulin.

There is a protein that, in certain cases, allows you to quickly get rid of excess weight with the help of sebaceous glands. This conclusion was reached by scientists from the Perelman School of Medicine (University of Pennsylvania, USA), according to the journal Science.

The discovery was made unexpectedly. Experts studied immune system proteins that are associated with the development of allergies.

During the rodent experiment, the researchers’ attention was drawn to the TSLP protein, which not only suppressed allergies but also prevented the development of type 2 diabetes in mice (and they suffer from extremely severe forms of obesity). Further observations showed that TSLP not only reduced their insulin resistance but also seriously reduced their body weight.

During the month of the experiment, the weight of the mice almost halved from 45 to 25 grams, which is the norm for healthy individuals. Then the scientists conducted a detailed analysis of the effect of protein on the body. It turned out that this substance did not affect the rodents’ brains or their fat deposits, but the sebaceous glands in their skin. TSLP dramatically increased the activity of sebocytes, the cells that produce sebum. And they forced the mice’s bodies to constantly transport lipids from fat deposits to sebaceous glands, from where they almost immediately left the rodents’ bodies.

Earlier, scientists said that the main male sex hormone testosterone is the main cause of frequent deaths of men from the COVID-19 coronavirus compared to women.

Long-term clinical trials have shown that for men suffering from prostate cancer, a popular female hormone therapy drug works better than injections of standard medications.

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Written by Emma Miller

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