Scientists Tell Whether There is a Link Between Coffee Consumption and Life Expectancy

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Some coffee drinkers confidently say that coffee is quite capable of prolonging a person’s life. British scientists have investigated whether this is true or not. British scientists have found that coffee reduces the risk of developing chronic liver disease.

Experts claim to have proven the drink’s ability to reduce the likelihood of death in such cases.

Researchers analyzed data from 494,585 participants in a British biobank project aimed at finding genetic and environmental factors. The experiment involved volunteers aged 40 to 69. Most of them confessed their love for coffee (384,818 people), while others said they did not drink the drink (109,767 people).

Experts studied the liver condition of the participants for almost 11 years and recorded 3600 cases of chronic liver disease, 301 deaths, and 1839 cases of fatty liver disease. The researchers also took into account factors such as participants’ body mass index, alcohol consumption, and smoking status.

As a result of the analysis, the researchers found that coffee drinkers of any kind were 20% less likely to develop chronic liver disease or fatty liver disease. In addition, the risk of death from these causes was 49% lower among coffee drinkers than in the other group.

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Written by Emma Miller

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