Shelf Life Of Cream. How Long Does It Last?

Cream, whether fresh, pasteurized, or whipped, belongs in every German kitchen and refines many dishes. Even if the shelf life has expired, you can use the cream without any problems if you pay attention to a few things.

But please with cream!

The cream is very popular for refining dishes. But whipped cream is also a guaranteed sweet treat as a topping on cakes and tarts. You can buy them fresh from the refrigerated counter or pasteurized, i.e. heat-treated. For those who want to save themselves the hitting, you can even buy them ready-made for immediate use.

It’s all about the senses

You can easily tell if the cream is still good by using your sense of sight, smell, and taste. Even if the best before date has passed. If you don’t discover any mold, the first step has been taken. In the second step, you smell the cream to check the shelf life. If there is no sour or bitter smell, you can try a sip. If you can’t taste any sour or bitter notes, then nothing stands in the way of using the cream.

How long durable?

The shelf life of the cream depends on the type. Fresh cream can be used up far more quickly than long-life whipped cream. Pay attention to the consistency, smell, and taste and you can’t go wrong.

Fresh cream

If you buy cream fresh from the refrigerated section, it can be stored unopened in the refrigerator for at least four weeks. Even if the best-before date has passed, you can still use the cream for about three to four weeks. However, if you have already opened the cream, you should use it within three to four days.

Whipped cream

If you buy the whipped cream in the supermarket, you can use it for a week after it has expired. If you have already opened it, the spray cream can be used chilled for another two to three weeks. If you have freshly beaten them and stored them covered in the fridge, nothing stands in the way of consumption within the next seven days.

Tip: You can freeze fresh whipped cream without any problems. You either freeze the full cup of cream or use ice cube trays. To do this, you fill the liquid cream into the ice cube trays and can then simply remove the frozen cream cubes individually later. These don’t need to be thawed, you can put them straight into the pot or pan. You can also freeze whipped cream. It is even possible to make them last longer in the form of icing.

Long-life cream

Because long-life whipped cream has been pasteurized, you can store it unrefrigerated for several months. Even if the best-before date has passed, the cream can still be enjoyed for at least another three to four months. Once opened, it can be used refrigerated for up to seven days.

Are you looking for alternatives to cream? We have put together a few options for you. This also includes cashew cream or coconut cream.

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