Sweet Apricots: This Is How They Ripen Properly

Hard apricots only ripen into sweet temptations under very specific conditions. This is not possible with purchased copies. Learn how juicy fruits from your own harvest have better chances.

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Most apricot varieties finish their ripening process as soon as they are harvested. Nevertheless, they will continue to ripen a little over the next two to three days. This effect is used when trading apricots. Farmers pick them just before they are ripe. When you buy them, they should be finally ripe.

In practice, long distances are covered during transport. The fruits are harvested many days before they are actually ripe. Ultimately, they cannot ripen in any case.

Feeling test:

Touch the fruit lightly. If these are still very hard, it is advisable to refrain from buying them. Ideally, the flesh is already soft. This stage is ideal for immediate consumption. You can safely store and enjoy ripe specimens in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator for around one to two days.

Tips for the apricot harvest

A careful eye is recommended for the ambitious hobby gardener. First of all, he should know his apricot variety very well. Smell, color, and consistency are checked before harvest. This test should whet your appetite for immediate consumption.

After harvesting, store the fruit at room temperature. Apricots should be airy to ripen and not touching. So you benefit from a first-class taste. Pressure points are avoided.

A notice:

When buying apricots, be sure to choose ripe ones. If this does not succeed, they are still suitable for baking or drying.

Tips and tricks

At the specialist dealer, you can enjoy a wide selection of different breeds. When buying, ask specifically about varieties that can be stored without problems.

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