Tips And Tricks For Preparing Poultry

Poultry is not just poultry! We show you why, with tips and delicious recipes.


A really hot and popular cooking method is grilling: With temperatures from 200 to
350ºC. Let’s make the chicks fire under their poppes. At the same time, grilling is also a very gentle cooking method for poultry.

Tip: Spread the marinade, seasoned oil, or sauces on the poultry meat or parts while it is being grilled. This makes the meat particularly tender and aromatic.


Steaming is the ideal cooking method for calorie-conscious consumers. The tender piece of poultry is vacuum packed or wrapped in aluminum foil or baking paper and steamed at a low temperature in the oven or in a water bath. This preserves the full taste and makes the poultry wonderfully juicy.


Cooking is the preparation of plenty of liquid at a temperature of 100 °C. As a rule, the liquid is brought to a boil first and then the poultry is added. When preparing soups, the ingredients are heated together with the liquid. A great nutrient and flavor guarantee. Smaller chickens or various cuts of chicken and turkey are suitable for cooking.


When stewing, the poultry is first seared all over at high temperatures, then deglazed with broth, stock, wine, whiskey, or water, and then slowly cooked in a suitable container with a closed lid at a maximum of 100 °C. This keeps the meat nice and juicy and at the same time takes on the flavor of the stock. You can then make a really tasty sauce from the stock.

Roast meat

When roasting, the poultry is cooked with a little fat either in a pan at around 150 to 180 °C or in the oven at 150 to 220 °C and browned at the same time. The crust is formed by the so-called Maillard reaction, in which amino acids react with sugar, resulting in a pleasant aroma and intense color. The advantage of frying in the pan is the short preparation time. When roasted, the poultry stays juicy and can form its characteristic crispy crust on the outside. Chicken breasts in particular are often fried.

Pan roast

Smaller pieces of poultry or strips of chicken are suitable for pan frying, as are strips and cubes of turkey breast or shredded thighs. Briefly sear the poultry on all sides in hot fat at 180 to 200 °C. No meat juice is lost here and a delicious crust forms.

Tip: The use of tasteless vegetable oils such as sunflower oil, corn oil, or rapeseed oil underscores the inherent flavor of the chicken and turkey meat. If you like it nutty, use peanut oil for frying.

Low-temperature cooking

The meat is first seared briefly and then slowly cooked at a particularly low temperature of around 80 °C. The advantage: no loss of roasting and the roast remains tender and juicy thanks to the gentle cooking.


When steaming, one speaks of cooking over water vapor or in a steam cooker. The steam reaches a temperature of 100 °C. This method is a gentle variant – taste and nutrients are preserved. Chicken and turkey cuts are both great.

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