Water – More Than A Chemical Formula

(By Barbara Hendel) – Without water, nothing can come into being, nothing can grow, nothing can thrive. Without water, the earth would be a dry desert, without plants, without animals, without people. Without water, there would be no cities, no airplanes, and no computers. And above all no health.

Water is more than a chemical formula

Because water is the driving force not only outside but also inside our body. That is why one does not do justice to the element water if it is reduced to the chemical formula H²0. Because: The number of tasks that water fulfills is infinite, and so water is the fuel of life.

Water is an extraordinary element

From a physical point of view, water is a very peculiar substance because in some respects it does not behave as researchers would expect compared to similar chemical compounds. When water freezes, that is, turns into a solid state, it expands instead of contracting as other compounds do. Chemically, water consists of two parts positively charged hydrogen and one part negatively charged oxygen

Positively and negatively charged particles attract each other, forming hydrogen bonds, the so-called clusters. Because of the hydrogen bond, water could also be a solid. However, after part of the hydrogen bridges repeatedly breaks down and then immediately re-binds, the water remains liquid, although it is completely cross-linked. Water can therefore be described as a liquid crystal.

The information power of water

But this familiar and yet so enigmatic element can do much more. Due to its very special physical structure as a liquid crystal, it can absorb, store and pass on frequency patterns from other substances. The hydrogen bridges are held responsible for this. These revolutionary research results also explain how homeopathy works. Water reacts to everything in its environment like a sensitive antenna.

Even cosmic circumstances such as planetary constellations or moon phases have an influence on water, as scientific studies have shown. It now seems proven that water has a kind of “memory” and can store and pass on information. Not only good ones but bad ones too.

The qualified physicist Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig was able to prove in his water analysis that even after the pollutants had been removed, the water still contained their electromagnetic oscillations. It is then not the chemical substances that affect the human organism, but the harmful electromagnetic frequencies of the pollutants.

Even positive and negative feelings, thoughts, and encouraging or paralyzing words affect the water structure. This was proved by the Japanese water researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto with impressive crystal images.

If you allow these insights to sink in, many things that may have been sneered at before appear in a new light: praying before eating, holy water, baptism, and ritual ablutions…

The role of water in our body

Water has a very special status. It penetrates every cell in our body and enables the communication between the different cell groups. Water regulates all functions of the organism, e.g. body structure, metabolism, digestion, cardiovascular function, and much more.

However, water is also responsible for our consciousness and makes our thought processes, feelings, and moods possible in the first place. It is the carrier of all bodily and mental functions. From a chemical point of view, water acts as a solvent, transport, and cleaning agent.

It promotes detoxification, transports nutrients, eliminates metabolic waste products, maintains the osmotic pressure of the cells, and regulates body temperature. All metabolic processes in the body can only take place with the help of water.

The elimination of toxins via the kidneys, intestines, skin, and lungs can only take place in connection with water. Within 24 hours, 1,400 liters of blood flow through our brain, and in the same period, 2,000 liters of blood flow through our kidneys. Humans excrete around one and a half to two and a half liters of water every day.

We have to replace this fluid loss with drinking. You should consume more than two liters a day so that the organs can fulfill their tasks. The rule of thumb is 30 ml of water per kilogram of body weight.

If the individual water balance moves in the direction of water deficiency, metabolic processes, and other bodily functions slow down, cells dry out and the aging process accelerates rapidly. Toxins accumulate, settle in joints, vessels, or connective tissue, and cause symptoms such as headaches, joint pain, and cellulite.

The Iranian doctor Faridum Batmanghelidj sees the cause of many chronic diseases as dehydration of the body. His motto is: “You are not sick, you are thirsty.”

The optimal water quality

Not only the amount of water that you should drink every day is important but also the water quality. In order to be able to fulfill its tasks in the body, water should be ripe, pure, free of pollutants, enriched with few minerals, tasty, and full of energy and information.

We rarely find water with these properties today – if we do, then mostly in the mountains. These are artesian springs whose water springs freely from the earth. During its centuries-long journey through the earth, this water cleans itself of pollutants and enriches itself

This so-called meandering movement creates the levitating forces that enable the water to come to light as a mature spring even at an altitude of 2,000 meters. Mature water has a strong crystalline structure and therefore has high self-cleaning power.

This also explains why any bacteria present in this water are practically unable to multiply. Mature water can be kept almost indefinitely. The surface tension is low and therefore the cleaning and dissolving power is very high. Ripe, pure water, freshly bottled at the source, would therefore be the best and healthiest water.

Water without structure

Water that has less than one gram of minerals per liter is called spring water. For commercial reasons, even good spring water is often carbonated. The natural oxygen is extracted from the spring water and artificial nitrogen is added.

Nothing changes in terms of taste, but this kills germs and the water lasts longer. However, there are only germs in the spring water if it was not yet ripe, i.e. if it had not yet built up a geometric structure. Water needs its maturing time until this structure is formed. Only where water has no geometry can germs, viruses, fungi, and bacteria multiply.

Most commercially available water is immature and must therefore be preserved. This happens not only through the addition of carbonic acid but also through ozonation. However, this largely destroys the frequency pattern of the water. Such can be called dead water. It has lost its relevant information content.

The quality of the water

Unfortunately, most people are not able to enjoy spring water. The springs, especially in densely populated areas, are becoming more and more polluted by dirty surface water or by agriculture and industry and are therefore undrinkable. The provision of good drinking water is now a problem.

We live with an enormous number of unreported pesticides and fungicides in our water, of which we know neither the name nor the limit values. When the relevant limit values for pesticides and fungicides were exceeded in the past, the legislature even raised the limit and significantly reduced the number of substances to be examined.

Water pollution is subject to major qualitative fluctuations from place to place. With the help of water treatment plants, the waterworks try to clean the water of pollutants and free it from bacteria. From a biochemical point of view, we also get more or less purified tap water.

Water revitalization through quartz crystals

A natural, very effective, and inexpensive method of water revitalization is the use of quartz crystals in connection with drinking water. A handful of quartz crystals, e.g. rock crystal, rose quartz, or amethyst placed in a glass carafe with tap water in the evening results in purified water.

The trigonal structure of quartz crystals is able to partially rearrange the flexible structure of water, giving water the missing structure. It’s the same method that many manufacturers of water revitalization equipment use because quartz sand is often used in their equipment.

Biochemically, you still have the same water, possibly contaminated with pollutants, because these cannot be changed with the crystals either. But you now at least give your water an ordered structure, a crystalline phase.

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