What Do You Eat With Falafel? 9 Popular Side Dishes

Falafel – the delicious dumplings from the Orient: Which sauces, side dishes, and dips go best? We have put together a few tasty tips for you.

Vegetables as an accompaniment to falafel

What do you eat with falafel? Whether with a crunchy feta salad, as a bowl, or with a spicy pan-fried vegetable – the fried or baked balls not only fill you up but are also healthy and nutritious in combination with a vegetable side dish. The savory bites go perfectly with fresh salad, fried or oven-roasted vegetables, sweet pieces of pumpkin, colorful cherry tomatoes, or a fresh cauliflower salad.

Falafel in a wrap and sandwich

To take with you on the go or when you’re in a hurry: crispy falafel balls, fresh lettuce, juicy tomatoes, cucumbers, and optionally more crunchy with dressing in a wrap or sandwich – the delicious meal for in between is ready.

Try our Arabic flatbread from the pan!

Tip: Simply a falafel patty on fresh vegetables, some rocket and packed between crispy burger buns – hearty falafel burgers are also an absolute hit.

Dips and sauces for falafel

Nutty sauces in particular are a treat for the fried balls, but aromatic salsa, yogurt-based sauces, or mild hummus as an accompaniment to falafel round off the snack perfectly.

Potatoes as an accompaniment to falafel

Whether sweet potatoes, golden-yellow baked potatoes, or fries – in combination with a small side salad or one of the dips mentioned, they make the perfect side dish for falafel. The mild potato captures the taste of the hearty chickpea balls wonderfully.

Falafel with couscous or bulgur

These healthy grain side dishes taste both warm and cold – bulgur is a bit nuttier compared to the rather mild couscous. A fresh couscous salad as a side dish is quick to prepare and the crispy falafel makes it a healthy but filling meal.

Rice as an accompaniment to falafel

Whether wholegrain, basmati, or jasmine rice – rice is always a top choice as an accompaniment to falafel. It can be perfectly combined with various sauces and delicious vegetable variations and also keeps you full for a long time because of its carbohydrates.

Tip: The crispy balls taste delicious in a creamy Thai curry with rice!

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