Falafel Without Frying – Is That Possible? The Best Tips

Preparing falafel without frying – possible?

With the normal recipe, you’ll have a hard time making delicious falafel that shouldn’t be cooked in the fryer. With an alternative recipe, however, preparation in the pan is possible.

  • Make falafel from chickpeas and fortify them with couscous. If you omit the couscous, you cannot fry the finger food in the pan.
  • Tip: For 350 grams of chickpeas you need about 120 grams of couscous. It is best to make this according to the instructions on the packaging. Keep to the ratio of couscous to chickpeas even with larger quantities.
  • Once you have all the falafel prepared, heat some cooking oil in the pan. The amount should be just enough so that the batter of a falafel does not directly touch the bottom of the pan. Then fry the falafel on a low level until they are lightly golden brown on both sides. If you want to avoid fat altogether, we have the best alternatives for oil here.
  • Trick: You can turn the falafel in the pan more easily if you use a hamburger spatula, for example. This allows you to turn the falafel safely and quickly.
  • Place the fried falafel on a kitchen towel for a moment. This will release the excess oil and your snack won’t go soggy as quickly.

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